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CloudWave Achieves Fifth Consecutive Best Practice Rating for OpSus Live

May 17, 2018

CloudWave Achieves Fifth Consecutive Best Practice Rating for OpSus Live

CloudWave announces that for the fifth year in a row, OpSus Live, cloud-based infrastructure as a service has achieved the “Best Practice” rating awarded by Securance Consulting. The rating is given upon successful completion of the MEDITECH Infrastructure and Supporting IT Process Audit which evaluates the OpSus Cloud’s adherence to the processes relied upon to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the MEDITECH environment.

Based on Securance’s detailed assessment, their IT risk management expertise, and defined standards, CloudWave was awarded a 5 star “Best Practice” rating in their 2017-2018 Statement of Opinion. It was determined that CloudWave consistently met and exceeded industry standards for all 32 assessed components including compliance, security, data center controls, service level agreements, system management, staff qualifications, policies, and process management.

“As a provider of cloud services to hospitals, we are constantly striving to improve our services, processes, and controls to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability to our customers,” said Mark Middleton, VP of Cloud Services at CloudWave. “We are pleased to achieve Securance Consulting’s Best Practice rating for the fourth year in a row in recognition of the value we put on IT services and the rigorous processes we put in place to deliver the highest quality service possible.”

CloudWave is a MEDITECH Collaborative Solutions Provider, providing OpSus Cloud Services for all versions of the MEDITECH Healthcare Information System. The OpSus Live service offers a complete, managed solution for healthcare organizations, including the design, provisioning, operations, and maintenance of each customer environment at the systems level. This service is designed to help hospitals achieve operational sustainability.