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CloudWave and Commvault: A Conversation about Data Security & Ransomware

May 25, 2017

CloudWave and Commvault: A Conversation about Data Security & Ransomware

Leaders from CloudWave and the Commvault healthcare team sat down to discuss Commvault’s data management and protection solution for the MEDITECH EHR and the entire healthcare enterprise. We will be sharing this conversation with you in a multi-part blog series.

This post focuses on how Commvault can help healthcare organizations secure their data and combat cyber threats like ransomware.


John Valutkevich, Product Manager, Healthcare, Commvault

Mike Leonard, Director of Product Management, Healthcare, Commvault

Matt Donahue, CTO, CloudWave

Jacob Wheeler, Product Manager, CloudWave

What does Commvault do to help combat ransomware and other security risks?

JV: Commvault enables hospitals to have a 2-pronged approach to combatting ransomware. First and foremost, Commvault helps hospitals implement an aggressive data backup and restore policy. Good backups allow an organization to get back up and running quickly should they get hit. Secondly, Commvault can help hospitals implement endpoint protection – this is part of the core Commvault software suite. Customers can take endpoint devices out of commission and back them up.

In addition to these capabilities, we are starting development on things like honeypot files and capabilities that will allow for the detection of cyber threats even earlier in the process – before a customer would even have to rely on a restore.

One of the reasons CloudWave continues to be successful is that they have the tools and talent available to help hospitals manage these issues, and that’s not often found in healthcare. It takes the right combination of technology, people, and processes to be successful when it comes to ensuring data security.

MD: We have seen data backup as the best tool for negating ransomware. At CloudWave we have been involved in more than 10 ransomware remediation projects with hospitals that later became CloudWave customers, and none of them have had to spend even a penny to get their data back because we’ve been able to restore their data from a valid backup. Commvault’s functionality helps hospitals drive a more aggressive protection schedule; they can offer customers something better than a once-a-day backup. Not having to deal with a day or a week of data loss because of ransomware or any other issues is a real advantage.

JW: We have seen customers spending a lot of money on front-end detection and deflection technologies, and there are some really good ones out there. But as fast as these technologies are evolving, so too is the malware. There’s no firewall so good that it will prevent a user from opening that attachment or clicking that link. As Matt said, having that backup available as the last line of defense has proven effective for many of our customers.

Approximately 2,000 healthcare organizations around the world trust Commvault to protect and manage their critical clinical and business data. For more information about Commvault solutions for healthcare, visit www.commvault.com/healthcare