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CloudWave Announces New Website for Multi-Cloud Healthcare IT Solutions

August 6, 2019

CloudWave Announces New Website for Multi-Cloud Healthcare IT Solutions

CloudWave, a leading cloud service provider dedicated to providing IT services to hospitals and healthcare providers, recently announced the launch of its new website.

CloudWave offers multi-cloud solutions delivered on-premises in the cloud edge, in the public cloud, or operated in CloudWave’s private OpSus Healthcare Cloud. Solutions and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations and offer on-call or proactive support with the option for full-time management and operations from CloudWave’s healthcare IT people.

CloudWave’s new website is designed to be easy to navigate and provide quick access to service information as well as educational resources. The site also features MyOpSus, CloudWave’s secure customer portal for CloudCare support, change requests, issue tracking, and real-time performance reporting,

“CloudWave’s mission is to empower hospitals to better serve their community, and we fulfill that mission by providing sustainable, quality services that enable our customers to provide even more focus on applications projects that deliver value to their users”, said Peter Stone, President and CEO of CloudWave. “Our new website is designed to help hospitals learn about the benefits a multi-cloud architecture and explain how CloudWave can be a trusted partner on their cloud journey.”