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CloudWave Welcomes Healthcare Staffing and Consulting Partner ettain health

May 24, 2021

CloudWave Welcomes Healthcare Staffing and Consulting Partner ettain health

No that is not a typo! Our new friends at ettain health use lowercase, IMHO, because they want to deliver the message that they are there to serve their customer and to keep them in focus. Forrester Research’s 2021 business best practices for cloud IT emphasize the inherent value of customers undergoing digital transformation working with complementary, like-minded partners. Around 6000 years earlier, the writer of the old testament wisdom book Ecclesiastes simply said “A cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken.” (4:12) From my point of view the things we can help our customers accomplish working with ettain health are far greater than what we could do alone.

For us at CloudWave partnering comes naturally. Whether its old friends like MEDITECH or newer friends like ettain health and AWS, partnering has enabled us to help our customers achieve their most complex, overarching IT and services goals.

Last year my longtime friend Anne Marie Herrera called to tell me that her team at Leidos Health had been acquired by this cool company called ettain health that was customer- and people-centric. As COVID began to wane, a robust exchange of ideas between our respective executive teams resulted in a more formal partnership between CloudWave and ettain health.

While we stick to our strengths in technology and managed services, we couldn’t help noticing the changes sweeping through the Applications Consulting space. EHR vendors are offering more pre-built systems, focusing even more on training super users, and beginning to standardize even some of their advanced content. Our customers have gone from needing intensive short- to medium-term applications consulting to needing a blend of long-term staffing support and point applications consulting. ettain health has built a strong team around this new reality. They have application consulting teams built around the top EHR providers and can also help with staffing from short term all the way through temp-to-hire.  Their MEDITECH team is EXPANSE and READY certified and deeply experienced.

As industries mature, there is a tendency to consolidate. In the hospital space so often we have seen a well-intentioned “best of both worlds” attempt in a consolidation land in the “worst of both worlds” category. We are standing together with ettain health, giving each other the space to strive to be the best at what we do, for your benefit. To learn more, please contact your CloudWave relationship manager, or feel free to send us a note at customersfirst@gocloudwave.com. Thanks for reading! – Jim Fitzgerald, EVP Strategy