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Cybersecurity Tactical Operation Center (CTOC)

Not just a Security Operations Center…but a 24×7 Tactical Operations Center (TOC) that is specifically engineered to support healthcare organizations who face cybersecurity threats which could impact human life.

Combining practical knowledge, specialized protocols, critical partnerships, and a continuous improvement model, the Sensato CTOC is a force multiplier in protecting your data and patients, making you safer from the threat of cyberattacks.

CloudWave’s Sensato Cybersecurity Tactical Operation Center (CTOC) delivers robust threat detection, incident response, threat intelligence, and compliance management across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, taking the burden off your IT and security teams.

Every moment of every day, the Sensato CTOC team will work side-by-side with you, sharing knowledge and strategies to protect your organization.


CTOC: Continuous Monitoring

Threat Detection
The CTOC identifies, prioritizes, and informs you of critical threats proactively and reactively.
Vulnerability Analysis
The CTOC team will analyze vulnerability assessments to provide you with contextual prioritization of findings to support your risk management efforts.
Environmental Recommendations
The CTOC will provide recommendations that help you evolve your cybersecurity architecture and standards. Recommendations could include information about expired SSL, plain text transmission of data or other critical items to help you manage risk, helping you keep your systems up-to-date.
HIPAA Callouts
In the event of HIPAA related items, the CTOC team will work closely with your organization to work through identified issues.


CTOC: Continous Intelligence

Threat Sources
The CTOC has relationships with multiple government organizations and monitors threat feeds to alert healthcare organizations of serious threats. Some of the organizations include FBI, DHS, NJCCIC, ICS-CERT, FDA, OTX, H-ISAC, MS-ISAC. Sensato is also a fully recognized ISAO.
Threat Analysis
Using our Threat Intelligence Framework, the team reviews inbound threat intelligence as well as proactively identifies and analyzes potential threats. The results are published to Sensato’s healthcare clients as a TAC-ALERT.
Reputation Monitoring
The Sensato-CTOC performs Dwork analysis of your environment at a mutually agreed upon schedule as well as social monitoring of key organizational elements.
Threat Intelligence Briefings (TIB)
In the event of critical threat intelligence, the CTOC will provide written, live, or on-going threat briefings. This includes recommendations and INFOCON correlation.


CTOC: Continuous Support

Your CTOC team will hold on-going meetings with you that include quarterly executive updates and on-going status updates.
Incident Response
The CTOC provides a highly progressive approach to incident response that is protocol based and goes beyond IT which allows you to be prepared for today’s modern attacks.
Case Management
Interactive and detailed case management that includes a member portal, human interaction and clear tracking of case severity, progress, and status.
Guidance & Support
We are not just there for you when we see something or there is an alert. We are happy to support you however possible on a best-effort basis.


Sensato (now CloudWave) is an Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (ISAO) with cross-sector responsibility. ISAOs are the result of a White House directive to promote voluntary cyber threat information sharing within industry sectors. We work with CISA, DHS, the FDA and other agencies in support of our ISAO role. This affords us unique access to Federal agencies and allows us to bring critical threat intelligence to healthcare organizations, making sure that you can be safe from the most serious threats.


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