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Goshen Health Enhances Their IT Services and Security Stance

November 8, 2017

Goshen Health Enhances Their IT Services and Security Stance

CloudWave Helps Goshen Health Meet HIPAA and HITECH Requirements with the OpSus Healthcare Cloud –

CloudWave announces its partnership with Goshen Health to support its MEDITECH Electronic Health Record and enterprise applications with the OpSus Healthcare Cloud.

Goshen Health chose CloudWave’s OpSus Live service to host its MEDITECH 6.16 Electronic Health record and ancillary systems. OpSus Live provides managed Infrastructure as a Service and includes daily operations, systems maintenance, and a full disaster recovery solution.

Goshen also selected OpSus Defend to protect their on-premises systems. OpSus Defend is a suite of managed security services delivered from the OpSus Healthcare Cloud, and powered by Fortified Health Security. OpSus Defend offers continuously delivered cloud-grade security services to prevent, identify, and combat threats as they occur. The services are designed to help hospitals evolve and strengthen their security stance over time.

Goshen Health is a non-profit, community-owned network of health services and physicians, including a 122-bed acute care hospital, with the mission of improving the health and wellness of the population it serves in north-central Indiana and southwest Michigan.

“CloudWave and Goshen have had a long-standing relationship built on trust,” said Shane Creech, Director of Information Technology Services at Goshen Health. “OpSus Live provides the availability, security, and performance our organization needs as it migrates from MEDITECH Client/Server to 6.16. Adding OpSus Defend to provide the same level of prevention and protection against cybersecurity threats in our data center as in the OpSus cloud will help ensure that all of the data entrusted to us by the communities we serve is safe and secure.”

HIPAA and HITECH mandate the privacy and protection of patient information, which is achieved through a rigorous security framework, including encryption of data both in flight and at rest. OpSus Cloud Services help healthcare organizations meet these requirements with a defense-in-depth approach to security; by practicing stringent operational processes, using state of the art tools and technologies, and ensuring that security controls are interwoven throughout our cloud solutions. OpSus Defend applies these same methodologies and toolsets to the on-premises hospital data center, to provide the vigilance and protection that cloud offers.

“We’re proud to help healthcare organizations like Goshen Health meet their technology and compliance requirements with OpSus Cloud Services,” said Peter Stone, Chief Executive Officer at CloudWave. “CloudWave’s mission is to empower hospitals to better serve their community, and we fulfill that mission by providing sustainable, quality services that enable our customers to provide even more focus on applications projects that deliver value to their users.”