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Helping hands, CloudWave and Community Hospitals

July 13, 2017

Helping hands, CloudWave and Community Hospitals

When running a business, social responsibility, and doing good all come together….

My day-to-day responsibilities often take me in front of the CFOs of community hospitals. Theirs is a crazy world where reimbursement challenges are persistent, and the route to becoming financially successful changes from year to year. Not too long ago, the CFO would tell me that “the inn is full and the CEO could not be happier”. Today it’s more likely that the same CFO would tell me that “the inn is not full and we are worried about MACRA, services shifts, CMS paper cuts, and high deductible plans”. Add the concerns of driving valuable outpatient alignment, competing urgent care centers, and achieving the right case mix, and it’s easy to see how it is harder for the CFO to gain any breathing room these days.

Although community hospitals might not always be on the bleeding edge of medicine, they must spend money to keep up with the latest clinical innovations to attract good physicians and deliver value to their patients. So where does the capital come from? Lately, IT has provided a relief valve with Cloud. New EHR software with cloud-based implementations can take some of the pressure off capital requirements. Years ago, you could set your clock to incremental budget requests for infrastructure to refresh the hospital datacenter . . . and planning the refresh could take 6 months.

Cloud for hospitals is a service designed to get you up and running quickly, without risk. No need for the 9 month RFP hardware runoffs. No need for benchmarks and guarantees to indicate when the hardware will become weak in the knees. Gone is the unexpected mid-life forklift upgrade. With Cloud, you get guaranteed uptime and performance, built-in disaster recovery, automatic technology upgrades, and the ability to flex to meet changing needs. As we all know, application software doesn’t go on a diet, so when you need more oomph, with Cloud you simply ask for it. Cloud is more bulletproof, more compliant, and more secure. And Cloud doesn’t need vacation days, or Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July holidays.

CloudWave’s mission is to serve community hospitals, and our goal is to empower hospitals to better serve their community. We run our business the way our customers do – making sure we offer quality services that are sustainable and provide value. When running a business, social responsibility, and doing good all come together…it makes all of us at CloudWave feel good.

When Peter Stone, President & CEO is not working at CloudWave, he can be found in the sand dunes of Wellfleet, Massachusetts.