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January 2023 edition of CloudWave Connections

January 26, 2023

January 2023 edition of CloudWave Connections

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A Note From Mike Donahue

Welcome to 2023!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year! It’s amazing to me that we are already approaching the end of January.0

As 2022 ended, we continued to see cybersecurity as a main challenge for our customers.

While overall breaches were down in 2022, we did see an increase in number of records impacted. This is why I believe cyber insurance providers will continue to increase the security requirements for coverage. We witnessed MFA and Immutable Backups take the industry by storm over the last 2 years. Unfortunately, these put many organizations under pressure to implement outside of planned budgets, but I do believe the overall benefit to the communities we serve are better off.

As I look to 2023, I find myself excited for what is to come. CloudWave’s recent acquisition of Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions puts us in an exceptional position to expand our offerings while enhancing our cloud services for mission critical applications. With cybersecurity requirements continuing to increase and the technical and operating burden on smaller IT staffs rising, this is where CloudWave can help so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

I look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming events like HIMSS23 and MUSE Inspire in the coming months..

Mike Donahue is Vice President of Client Services for CloudWave

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Cybersecurity State of the Union Webinar

CloudWave hosted their first Cybersecurity State of the Union. John Gomez, Chief Security and Engineering Officer from CloudWave reviewed cybersecurity strategies and technologies that you should be evaluating, and he provided insight into what cyber attackers will be up to in 2023.

In addition, John shared details about an exciting new educational program where you’ll be able to get exclusive free education and cyber intelligence.

Watch the webinar recording here.

Important Notice to Our Customers

As you know, almost every organization is facing significant inflationary pressures. In addition to this, the investments required by CloudWave to continue providing resilient and secure services in the face of an epidemic of cyberthreats have been substantial. In the security area alone, CloudWave has made substantial incremental investments over the past two years to enhance protections for our customers and their patients. These investments have come at the same time as cost pressures from hiring & retaining IT talent, supply chain constraints impacting almost every element of hardware, data center energy costs, and price increases for key technology components from Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware.

Historically, we have prided ourselves to working to decrease the cost of technology to our customers. However, given the cost of cybersecurity, increased component prices and staffing cost, we will likely not be able to do this on the next extension of your agreement with CloudWave.

For budgeting purposes, you should expect that a 10% increase will be applied to most contracts at time of renewal. This won’t apply to everyone, particularly those who are able to utilize Expanse 2.2 to eliminate Citrix as a required component.

As your renewal approaches, please reach out to your Sales or Customer Success Manager to discuss specific concerns and thank you in advance for your help as we navigate these unprecedented times together.

Learn about our new Sensato Cybersecurity products

Contact your CloudWave sales manager or click the links below to learn about our new Sensato Cybersecurity offerings:

Learn more about Sensato here.

Advance Authorization Now Available

CloudWave is pleased to offer a new way to streamline the way we deliver changes to your OpSus Cloud Services.

Incremental adjustments to the scope of your cloud service are to be expected, but the timing and process may not always be convenient. And delaying the implementation of service change requests while waiting on a signature can delay addressing small issues that can lead to bigger problems.

CloudWave is now able to provide a way for our cloud customers to mitigate the administrative burden of these requests by allowing key personnel to pre-approve routine change orders.

With Advance Authorization, you set the boundaries. Adding components, expanding storage, increasing capacity – these are all change order categories covered under your Advance Authorization Agreement. You pre-select the maximum monthly charge amount of the change order ahead of time, so there are no surprises. And you can limit who on your team can submit a request through this program.

Why choose Advance Authorization?

Advance Authorization offers agility and the ability to address issues quickly. You no longer need to wait for the approval and signature of every change order to be processed before a service request can be opened. The OpSus team can respond to your needs as they arise.

How does Advance Authorization work?

First, the OpSus team will verify that the change request was made by an authorized individual. Once the requestor’s privileges are confirmed, the change order is documented and a copy is sent for your records. The changes are provisioned, and you are notified when they are complete.

How do I join the program?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Director. They will provide a straightforward one-page form where you customize the parameters of your program and choose your designated requestors. One signature enables the smooth and timely execution of routine changes and minor updates.

Meet Rich Robosky
Director of Pre-Sales Engineering

Many CloudWave employees have spent their careers in healthcare IT.

In the 46 years that Rich Robosky has been in the computer industry, he has never called in sick. The last ten years he has continued his streak here at CloudWave.

As the Director of Pre-Sales Engineering, Rich assists in the writing of large-scale proposals as well as creating lists of all the components a hospital will need including hardware and software.

Rich began his career as an associate at Electronics Boutique, a retail store where he sold software to the public. He then worked as a Sales Rep for Cumulus, a hardware manufacturer where he sold to computer stores. Rich also spent time as a manager for reseller AMG where he sold memory upgrades to corporate customers and StorNet where he sold storage and backup solutions. With his experience in selling hardware and software, he began in a Sales/Engineering hybrid mode when he started at Park Place International, eventually moving over to Engineering.

“When I worked for Cumulus, the sales reports only printed the first four letters of a rep’s last name,” he explained, “The reports listed me as Robo and a nickname was born.”

Rich enjoys playing strategic board games and has a collection of over 400 of them.

What many may not know is that Rich designed a castle that he lives in with his wife and two dogs.

When asked what he likes most about working in healthcare?

“I like to design things that are made to last, be it a computer solution for a hospital or a castle.”


Save the Dates! Upcoming Events in 2023

HIMSS23 is coming to the Windy City of Chicago in April of 2023.

CloudWave will be there at Booth 3417 ready to meet customers new and old and share our new Sensato Cybersecurity products.

Learn more

Mark your calendars now. MUSE Inspire conference will be in Denver, CO on June 7 through 10, 2023.

Stay tuned for more details.

Learn more


January Customer Success News

CloudWave would like to congratulate the following customers for their successful Disaster Recovery tests in the month of December!

Go Lives:

  • Bella Vista Hospital

DR tests:

  • Heywood Hospital and Holyoke Medical Center
  • Northern Montana Hospital
  • Northwestern Medical Center