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Major Health Partners Chooses the OpSus Healthcare Cloud

February 22, 2018

Major Health Partners Chooses the OpSus Healthcare Cloud

CloudWave Provides Major Health Partners (MHP) with fully-managed HIPAA and HITECH compliant hosting with the OpSus Healthcare cloud.

CloudWave announces their partnership with Major Health Partners Medical Center (MHP) to host their MEDITECH Electronic Health Record and enterprise applications in the OpSus Healthcare Cloud.

MHP chose CloudWave’s OpSus Live service to provide managed Infrastructure as a Service and daily operations, systems maintenance, and a full disaster recovery for their mission-critical MEDITECH and enterprise systems.

Major Health Partners Medical Center is a 46-bed Acute Care hospital located in Shelbyville, Indiana. As the leading healthcare provider for Central and Southeastern Indiana MHP offers state-of-the-art technology, a new facility, and high-quality care.

MHP has been using the MEDITECH MAGIC system, and after a thorough evaluation, decided to extend their 22-year partnership with MEDITECH and implement their innovative web-based EHR. CloudWave has been maintaining and supporting MHP’s MEDITECH platform since 2011. When MHP made the decision to migrate to MEDITECH 6.16, they looked to CloudWave, based on a track record of high performance and strong experience.

“We are delighted to continue working with MEDITECH, and are pleased to be moving forward with their Web EHR. MHP chose CloudWave to host our systems for the reliability and performance the OpSus Healthcare Cloud offers, along with their expertise and in-depth knowledge of MEDITECH.” said Don Barton, CTO of Major Health Partners. “CloudWave has become a trusted partner over the years and we are confident in their ability to provide the high level of security, service, and support we expect.”

HIPAA and HITECH mandate the privacy and protection of patient information, which is achieved through the OpSus Cloud’s rigorous security framework, including encryption of data both in flight and at rest. OpSus Cloud Services help healthcare organizations meet these requirements with a defense-in-depth approach to security; by practicing stringent operational processes, using state of the art tools and technologies, and ensuring that security controls are interwoven throughout our cloud solutions.

“We are proud of the relationship and trust we have established with Major Health Partners”, said Jim Zenz, Regional Sales Director at CloudWave. “We look forward to meeting their technology and compliance requirements as they migrate to MEDITECH 6.16. CloudWave’s mission is to empower hospitals with technology solutions to help them serve their community.”