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Medical Device Security


Secure your medical devices. Protect your patients.

A single solution for medical device cybersecurity that puts your patients first. A program designed to bring together technology and processes for a single focus of protecting the patient in the event of a cyberattack.

Software alone is not a medical device cybersecurity program. The SensatoMD program allows all levels of the healthcare organization to understand the security risks involved with medical devices, define policies, deploy breach detection, perform medical-device manufacturer cybersecurity risk assessments, and more.

How SensatoMD Helps You Protect Patients First

Rapid Deployment

SensatoMD gives you the advantage of time—before and during an attack.

  • Deploy in weeks—not months
  • Achieve immediate insights
  • Strong ROI with measurable results
  • Personalized training of staff from multiple departments

Specifically crafted for healthcare information technology

  • Medical device vulnerability assessment
  • Medical device traffic monitoring by our CTOC
  • Medical device breach detection system with the Sensato Cybersecurity-as-a-Service platform
  • Medical device incident response guidance
  • ISAO membership
Best Practices

Best practices guidance and expertise

  • Medical device manufacturer risk framework provides you with go-forward risk assessment capability
  • 15 hours of best practice consulting and guidance
  • Medical device cybersecurity policy provides you with a starting point for deploying recognized best practices and procedures, designed to protect the patient
Software Alone is Not a Medical Device Cybersecurity Program
  1. Policy & Practice
    Development and deployment of medical device cybersecurity policies and practices are often overlooked or treated the same as the IT plan for many healthcare organizations. To address the administrative, operational, and technical aspects of medical device security, SensatoMD provides a comprehensive set of best practices, default written policies, and a 120-question manufacturer assessment framework all based on protecting the patient first.
  2. Alerts & Forensics
    Each SensatoMD program includes the Sensato CaaS honeypot. This powerful platform monitors medical devices and identifies targeted attacks against medical devices allowing you to act fast to protect patients from the impact of an attack.
  3. Guidance & Intelligence
    All healthcare regulations and best practices are designed around protecting data, not humans. The SensatoMD solution puts the patient as the focus. In addition to the monitoring and alerting software, you get a set of policies and procedures, an assessment framework, all designed to include your clinical, biomedical engineering and IT teams. It includes guidance and coaching and a highly advanced GRC system. Each SensatoMD solution includes membership in the Sensato Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO), which is a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security. The ISAO membership provides ongoing access to threat intelligence, vulnerability disclosure, and community-based best practices and support.
  4. Monitors & Overwatch
    You have our team providing overwatch of your medical device network via the CTOC advanced monitoring center.​We have your back, with thousands of intelligence sensors, host intrusion detection systems (HIDS) and network intrusion detection systems (NIDS), log analysis, behavioral analysis, case management, exception management, native integration with the Sensato Cybersecurity-as-a-Service platform, INFOCON threat level system support, and more.
  5. Mission & Focus
    It may sound like a cliché, but our mission truly is to stand between good and evil.  We take that mission extremely seriously. We are not a company that just sees healthcare as another sales channel; it is our core focus. ​The bottom line is we care—about you, your organization, and your people.  We will stand with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, between good and evil.


“They pulled us in with their ability to monitor medical devices. They built their environment around tracking medical devices and ensuring that they are secure. No other vendors proposed that ability or focused on it, and making sure medical devices are being kept safe is a big concern in healthcare…”

- KLAS Survey Response

“Working with them is more like working as part of a team versus a typical vendor/client relationship. We previously had no visibility into what was going on with our medical devices because we had no way to monitor them. Having them monitor all devices on our network is like the golden egg!”

- Patrick Neece, CIO, Lake Regional Health System


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