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OpSus Connect

OpSus Connect Overview

OpSus Connect is secure remote VPN RADIUS support connectivity. OpSus Connect is a fully-managed, secure, dedicated connection that enables CloudWave to deliver support and updates for their products.

The OpSus Connect service is used to support your EHR and enterprise software platforms. Using Cisco’s Integrated Services Routing and firewall technologies, VPN routers in CloudWave’s OpSus data center utilize AES and 3DES encrypted tunnels, and RADIUS authentication to securely connect with your data center.

CloudWave’s OpSus Connect is a full connectivity solution, including design, installation, and maintenance as well as 7 x 24 x 365 monitoring and support.  We ensure the security, reliability, scalability, and performance required to deliver exceptional support and Operational Sustainability.


What is OpSus Connect for?

OpSus Connect is a CloudWave managed VPN service that enables your EHR application provider to securely access your environment for maintenance and support.

Is OpSus Connect better than the connectivity I’m getting with OpSus Live/OpSus Edge?

No, if you are considering OpSus Live or OpSus Edge, the OpSus Connect service is already included with these services.

Does OpSus Connect need to be installed within my DMZ?

No, OpSus Connect has built in firewalls and encryption to ensure end to end protection, however, some customers chose to install within their DMZ. This option should be further discussed with your CloudWave Sales Representative.

Who manages OpSus Connect access and maintenance?

OpSus Connect is fully managed by CloudWave alone, ensuring access and maintenance permissions follow least privilege principles at all times.

How is my OpSus Live implementation managed?

CloudWave dedicates a Project Manager to every OpSus Connect implementation. The Project Manager will liaison with key contacts from every stakeholder, including your EHR application provider. Every phase of your implementation will be managed by a CloudWave PM, including your introduction to the CloudWave support model when implementation is complete.


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