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OpSus Vault

OpSus Vault Overview

OpSus Vault is a cloud-based immutable backup system built to protect healthcare institutions’ valuable data from increasingly common and effective ransomware attacks. OpSus Vault regularly copies a backup of your healthcare information and writes it to a secure, offline, and immutable Cloud location. By storing your backups in this separate and secure location with the immutable policy, all acts of editing and deleting your backups are strictly prohibited. In the event of a ransomware incident, CloudWave will provide the most recent, clean backup copy, allowing your institution to rebuild without paying a ransom.

An additional backup job is configured to write the save-set to a cloud vault. This vault will trigger a copy of its contents to a secondary vault on a separate domain with an immutable storage policy configured for a retention of your choosing.

Services Include:

Secure Storage

Backup save-sets are stored in an air gapped location with no functional connectivity and an immutability policy.

Restores & Tests

Although OpSus Vault guarantees that your backups can be restored and functional in the event of a disaster we understand that many organizations want an additional level of assurance. This is why we have two tiers of testing offerings for peace of mind.

Tier 1: Image Validation

OpSus Vault Image Validation is included in the standard offering of the service. With Image Validation, we compare the data stored in the Cloud Copy to that of the data stored within the immutable OpSus Vault location to demonstrate that the backups are identical.

Tier 2: Data Restoration Tests

OpSus Vault’s Data Restoration Tests simulate a real-world disaster event and demonstrate the efficiency and security of OpSus Vault. CloudWave’s skilled OpSus team will perform a complete restoration of your data to a new location from OpSus Vault. Data Restoration Tests are an additional offering and will be available at an extra cost.

Monitoring and Support

24x7x365 United States based Network Operating Center (NOC) monitors replication success and service uptime.


Immutability Policy

  • An immutability policy prevents all acts of deleting or editing of information once it is copied in the location the policy is applied to.
  • This prevents malware from encrypting the data even if it propagates there, and prevents attackers from deleting your backups.

Domain Gaps

  • A separation of a single workflow into separate resource pools which require unique access credentials.
  • If the credentials required for the first resource pool are compromised, the secondary resource pool remains protected.

Customer Reporting Portal

  • A web portal with read only access to monitor and validate the success of data replication and protection


How many save-sets should I store within OpSus Vault?

This is customizable; more save-sets means better protection but consumes more storage. A common configuration is seven daily backups.

Will I be able to test these backups?

CloudWave will perform a test prior to go-live. Further tests are available at cost, but it is advisable to limit connectivity time to the vault as much as possible.

How does billing for OpSus Vault work?

OpSus Vault uses a consumption-based price modeling which ensures that your institution is only paying for exactly what you need. The rate per GB will be provided in your proposal.


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OpSus Vault Data Sheet

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