We Bring the Cloud to Healthcare

Sensato Cybersecurity

Protect Your Patients and Network from Cyberattacks

Your primary goal is protecting patients, and that includes protecting them from a cyberattack. Let us take the burden off your teams by managing your cybersecurity for you, so you can focus on patient care.

Take A Holistic Cybersecurity Approach
by utilizing our expertise so you can comply with best practices and regulations, detect threats early and respond quickly to attacks. Find Out How

24/7 Support for Threat Detection and Incident Response
The Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) delivers robust threat detection, incident response, threat intelligence, and compliance management across your entire environment. Find Out How

Know Your Cybersecurity Maturity
Go beyond risk assessments and truly understand your cybersecurity maturity to set priorities, manage risk, and secure funding. Find Out How

Test How Your Teams Respond to Attacks
Test how your IT Teams, Clinical Teams and Executive team respond to real-world attacks and uncover gaps in your incident response plan. Find Out How

Test Hackers Ability to Access Your Network
Our team will execute a simulated cyberattack to uncover network and medical device vulnerabilities that attackers will exploit so you can plan for closing your security gaps.


Healthcare Specific Solutions

Sensato was the first cybersecurity firm specifically focused on safeguarding hospital information systems. Today we continue to evolve and innovate our healthcare-specific offerings. Our unique understanding of healthcare allows us to formulate solutions that recognize and respect the complexity of healthcare.

Holistic Cybersecurity for Critical Access & Rural Hospitals
Address unique challenges of critical access and rural hospitals with a holistic approach to compliance, detection and response, all within your limited budgets. Find Out How

Secure Your Medical Devices, Protect Your Patients
Understand your medical device security risk, deploy processes and procedures to monitor and detect medical device threats. Train your teams to respond so your patients can be protected from attacks. Find Out How

Rapid Understanding of Cybersecurity Gaps
Our highly successful Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) program, but specifically tailored to meet the requirements of HIPAA. Find Out How