We Bring the Cloud to Healthcare


At CloudWave, we design multi-cloud and on-premises IT solutions to meet the challenges hospitals and healthcare providers face today. Our technical and operating team grew up in healthcare IT roles at hospitals, healthcare organizations, and technology providers, gaining experience and empathy for your mission and requirements. We speak your language.

The complex security, compliance, access, integration, user experience, and cost containment challenges faced by healthcare providers need to be embraced, thoughtfully analyzed, and understood in the context of sustaining your daily operations and meeting the goals of your physicians, clinicians, and administrators. All too often, technology providers want to imagine that these complex needs can be reduced to a list of technical requirements which can be addressed by the latest hardware or software innovation.

CloudWave solutions, whether delivered on your premises in a Cloud Edge configuration, built and managed in Public Cloud, or operated in our high-performance OpSus Private Cloud, are tailored to your operating and budget goals and always include everything from on-call support to active monitoring and full time operations from CloudWave’s healthcare IT people. Our goal is to deliver the Operational Sustainability that makes the platform vanish and puts the focus on successful workflows and outcomes

The Right Partnerships

As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, AWS Partner, and IBM Cloud Partner, CloudWave brings the public cloud to healthcare. With secure, cost-effective options, CloudWave can help you integrate, move, and manage workloads in a multi-cloud environment built just for you.

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