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Application Retirement

What are you doing with the old application and legacy data?

You just went live with that new application. It was a lot of work, but your team is excited, and your users are happy. Now you’ve got one last thing to consider. What are you doing with the old application and legacy data?

Some applications won’t import your previous data, but it’s still PHI and may well be relevant to continuing patient care. An effective applications retirement strategy reduces ongoing management and maintenance costs while keeping relevant data easily accessible to clinicians and administrators in the context of new applications.

There’s a way to address all these factors while saving money, as well as time and stress.

Retiring an application involves extracting the data in a usable format, storing it in a protected location, and presenting it easily to those who need it – and CloudWave can help with all of this. We help you shut down that app by putting all your data in our secure healthcare cloud. With context-aware plugins to your new application, access is easy and transparent.

Maintenance costs of legacy systems and data loss risks from aging electro-mechanical storage systems are significant issues for many healthcare organizations. OpSus Archive provides a sustainable answer to these concerns.

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