We Bring the Cloud to Healthcare


End-user experience is an increasingly important metric for healthcare IT departments.

With compliance needs driving increased clinical and administrative documentation, fast, efficient workflows that enable fluid access and utilization are essential. Desktop or application virtualization has been a valuable means for some healthcare organizations to efficiently manage end-user access at scale, but for others it has created another layer of complexity with mixed benefits. So many things that matter to your users are part of your digital workspace: efficient and secure login/logout, context-aware mobility within clinical spaces, smooth session transitions between devices, and simple, effective printing when required, just to name a few.

90% of healthcare organizations have built a virtualized access layer, but few are happy with it. Hardware and licensing costs can end up out of proportion to pre-virtualization budgets, or integrations with SSO and other security techniques are often difficult, or user experiences are erratic. CloudWave has been designing, implementing, and managing virtualized applications and desktops for healthcare since the technology has been available and also operates thousands of Citrix and View seats in our OpSus Cloud. No matter where you are in the journey – whether you are beginning to investigate or you are fully implemented – we’ve seen it all, and we can help.

Desktop as a Service

Maybe you want all of the benefits without any of the headache. CloudWave’s desktop as a service offers a virtualized workspace for your users that you get to control, but you don’t have to manage. All infrastructure is hosted by CloudWave, managing the backend responsibilities of data storage, backup, security, and upgrades. A predictable monthly fee allows you to leverage the lower cost of ownership advantages of virtualization without the large up-front expenditure. Simplify and secure your desktop management – and do it for less.

What Our Customers Say

“With CloudWave, the infrastructure was designed and implemented expertly, and within two weeks of ‘go-live’ we were hearing positive feedback from our users. We are bleeding edge with this technology. Giving physicians the ability to remotely access our EHR from anywhere at any time definitely improves patient care. It also frees us to think outside the box about how we deliver healthcare. There’s no other way to put it: CloudWave did a phenomenal job.”

- Johnathan Buice, CIO, Upson Regional Medical Center