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Sometimes the cloud isn’t the right fit. Maybe you have applications which can’t tolerate WAN latency. Maybe you really need to keep that data onsite; or maybe you really need an IT asset you can depreciate. Looks like you’re going to need to buy hardware again.

Not anymore. CloudWave is redefining what it means to be “in the cloud.” OpSus Edge delivers the same compute, storage, security, backup, recovery, and comprehensive infrastructure operations you have come to expect from cloud services – but it will be running on gear you will own, on gear sitting right there in your datacenter. We are taking our award-winning hosting service, OpSus Live, and bringing it to you.

Let CloudWave help you fulfill the promise technology has made to healthcare; to make your life easier and to improve patient care. Take back your time and focus on your users. With OpSus Edge, you still manage your applications, your way. We’ll take care of everything else.

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OpSus Edge

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