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Disaster Recovery

Planning for a disaster is critical in healthcare.

Cybersecurity incidents, internal or external sabotage, and weather or environmental events can strike at any time, causing unplanned downtime and placing patient safety at risk. Maintaining operations and access to patient information is vital to continuity of care.

CloudWave helps hospitals define and implement end-to-end disaster recovery strategies to meet individual goals and budgets. With solutions that leverage cloud and data center resources, and services to help you plan, prepare, and execute, our team is ready to help you create a disaster recovery strategy that fits your organization’s requirements.

OpSus Recover is available in a variety of recovery point objectives and includes testing to ensure data is valid and restorable. Learn more here.

Our team also works with hospitals to design disaster recovery solutions using on-premises data center resources. We’ll design an effective strategy to meet your goals and requirements, and implement a technical storage, compute, and network architecture that fits your existing environment and operational capabilities.

Our Technical Consultants are experienced in preparing operational runbooks for clinical and technical staff and can assist you with training and testing. And when you need immediate help, our expert Rapid Response team is ready to jump in and help you with your most critical issues.  Learn more here.


Looking for more detailed information about OpSus Recover? Click here to access features, supported software, service levels, frequently asked questions, and service documentation.

What Our Customers Say

“With CloudWave, the infrastructure was designed and implemented expertly, and within two weeks of ‘go-live’ we were hearing positive feedback from our users. We are bleeding edge with this technology. Giving physicians the ability to remotely access our EHR from anywhere at any time definitely improves patient care. It also frees us to think outside the box about how we deliver healthcare. There’s no other way to put it: CloudWave did a phenomenal job.”

- Johnathan Buice, CIO, Upson Regional Medical Center


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