We Bring the Cloud to Healthcare

Managed IT

Evolving demands for security, compliance, access, integration, and user experience are real challenges for many organizations.

There is a powerful evolution away from infrastructure management and towards service management undergirding the way CIOs and other healthcare leaders design IT strategies to support their organization’s goals for clinical excellence, meaningful patient engagement, and administrative clarity. Evolving demands for security, compliance, access, integration, and user experience are real challenges for many organizations.

CloudWave’s suite of managed IT services are designed to take some of the most process, capital, and support-intensive IT services and deliver them to guaranteed service levels at predictable costs in hybrid models, regardless of your mix of edge (on-premises), public, or private cloud services.

CloudWave’s managed application hosting service was built for healthcare. We built a private cloud to exceed all security and compliance guidelines, offering a seamless way to offload the entire technology stack. Stop worrying about servers, hypervisors, operating system patching, user access, domain authentication, intrusion detection – we could go on. Focus on your patients, clinicians, and colleagues. Easy to scale up or down resources and a predictable monthly expense allows you to forecast easily while ensuring value for your budget.

OpSus Managed Services Solutions

Sometimes you need a more specific problem solved. CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud Services are designed to do just that. Be sure to look at our suite of solutions to address:

  • OpSus | Backup: Managed Hybrid Cloud Backup with Instant Local Recovery
  • OpSus | Recover: Managed Disaster Recovery with Integrated Test/Audit
  • OpSus | Archive: Secure, Geo-protected Healthcare Data Archiving
  • OpSus | Vault:  Immutable Backups
  • Sensato Cybersecurity as a Service:  Managed security services

OpSus Cloud Services – Power Up. Power On.

CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud Services are purpose-built for hospitals and offer a suite of cloud-based solutions to meet a variety of needs. We’ve architected infrastructure platforms with leading-edge technologies, and applied ...

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Location, Location, Location? Yes!

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(Managed) Cloud Everywhere

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