We Bring the Cloud to Healthcare

SaaS for Software Vendors

Software as a Service Platform

You wrote an amazing application; it solves a problem that no one else can solve and all your customers love it. In order to ramp up scale, you decide you want to offer it as a service. This is a good idea; after all, customers like predictable monthly expenses and they hate having to manage application infrastructure. The problem is, so do you. You want to write code, not build, manage, and monitor servers.

You’ve already looked at public cloud. That could work, but you still need help designing, configuring, and operating a secure virtual IT environment inside Public Cloud. The pricing seems low but there’s all that fine print: you have to pay for each byte written, data transferred, GB RAM used – what is it actually going to cost you?

CloudWave’s unique SaaS program for software vendors can help to solve just these problems. CloudWave built a private cloud for healthcare with dedicated infrastructure; your customer’s data won’t be sitting next to malware from another country. We are also certified operating partners of the AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms. CloudWave’s services meet and exceed all privacy and security provisions of HIPAA and HITECH and has achieved SSAE 18 SOC 1 and SOC 2 certifications.

Security and compliance do not come at the cost of transparency either. In CloudWave’s cloud, there are no access fees, no data transfer fees; there is no cost to using resources you’ve already purchased.

You wrote the software. Now, offer it as a service in The Healthcare Cloud.


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What Our Customers Say

“Access chose CloudWave’s OpSus Healthcare Cloud to power our electronic forms management software because of the security and reliability it offers. We promise our customers solutions that help them easily capture, manage, and share information, and CloudWave helps us deliver on that commitment. We can count on the OpSus Cloud to provide our customers with an excellent end-user experience.”

- Chuck Demaree, CTO, Access