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Support Services

CloudWave’s expert team of cloud and IT Engineers are ready to jump in and own your problem until it is resolved.

You’re responsible for making sure critical IT systems are up and running, users are happy, and costs are contained. And you’re doing a great job. But when problems arise, you need dependable, responsive support.

Multi-vendor, multi-cloud IT environments can be complex when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing issues. CloudWave’s Cloud Care support is here 24 x 7 to handle your problems when they happen. Click here for an overview of how Cloud Care can help your hospital.

Already a Cloud Care Support customer? Call our Service Desk at 855-286-7787 for assistance.

CloudWave also offers Technical and Clinical Service Desk support services in partnership with GuideIT. For more information, click here.

Have a problem and need immediate help? Our expert Technical Consultants are ready to roll up their sleeves and help address your most critical issues on a project basis. Learn more here.

What Our Customers Say

“Brooks Rehabilitation chose CloudWave to host our MEDITECH 6 environment and they have proven to be an excellent partner. Their support and service are excellent and have exceeded expectations. Their staff is knowledgeable and responsive. On the rare occasion when there have been issues or questions they have been quick to pull together a response team that stays on the issue until it’s resolved. We are glad we trusted CloudWave to host our MEDITECH environment.”

- Jayne Shults, Applications Manager, Brooks Rehabilitation


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