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Tabletop Simulations

Test Your Teams’ Response in a Real-World Simulation

Knowing how your teams would react in a cyberattack situation is the best way to uncover needs for additional training or tools. We recommend doing a tabletop simulation with your IT teams, Clinical teams (especially for Medical Device attacks), and your Executive team. More than one-thousand people have completed our tabletop simulation program and they have all improved their incident response as a result.


ArchCare Case Study

ArchCare Uncovers the Benefits of a Robust Cybersecurity Tabletop Simulation

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Cybersecurity Tabletop Simulation Datasheet (CTS)

Test your incident response readiness and uncover gaps and areas for improvement with CloudWave’s Sensato Cybersecurity Tabletop Simulation Services (CTS)

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Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Data Sheet

Get peace of mind knowing that your network, medical devices and patients are protected 24x7

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