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Visit CloudWave at the 2022 MUSE Inspire Conference

May 2, 2022

Visit CloudWave at the 2022 MUSE Inspire Conference

Visit CloudWave in booth #520 from May 15-18 at the 2022 MUSE Inspire Conference, taking place in Dallas, TX. Click here to schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about our OpSus Cloud Services and how we help MEDITECH hospitals architect, build, and integrate a personalized solution using managed private cloud, public cloud, and cloud edge resources.

Throughout the show, you can also hear our team of experts discuss key trends in healthcare cloud computing, and how our customers are implementing multi-cloud solutions to successfully tackle their challenges.

Monday May 16 at 2:30 pm
508 – Ransomware Prevention & Recovery with OpSus Vault
Product Showcase Session
Presenter:  Jacob Wheeler

According to healthcare cybersecurity statistics in 2021, the healthcare sector alone lost $25 billion last year, and is believed to be one of the industries most affected by hackers. Hospitals account for 30% of all large data breaches, and 48% of hospital executives have reported a forced or proactive shutdown as a result of external attacks. Put simply, cyber-attacks are disastrous in the healthcare sector, and this downtime can have a ripple effect throughout an entire hospital or health system. The average downtime caused by ransomware? 19 days. Not only do these attacks cost enormous amounts of money and time, but it opens the door for patient data to be disclosed, or completely unavailable to the providers, putting patient lives at risk.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that the risk of cyber breaches and attacks will only increase in the years to come and will continue to evolve, so planning for a disaster is critical in healthcare. Hackers continue to get smarter in their attacks in terms of speed, agility, adaptability, and destruction. In fact, in late 2020, there was a 45% increase in attacks, and this happened amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With hospitals and healthcare organizations increasing their consumption of cloud infrastructure and services, and cyber insurance companies implementing new requirements to address these risks, this session will introduce OpSus Vault, a new service from CloudWave that creates an immutable backup, the strongest data protection against cyber threats available.  Immutability protects data from being altered or deleted and prevents encryption from malware.

Tuesday May 17 at 10:00 am
1037 – New Approaches to Security Challenges Track: Support & Technology
Presenters: Mike Donahue, Trevor Clere
Organizations: CloudWave; Wooster Community Hospital Health System, Wooster, Ohio

The last few years have demonstrated that security threats are only getting worse, and now many “nice to have” security strategies and approaches are now “must haves.” This is being reinforced by the new requirements being instituted by cybersecurity insurance providers. Items such as multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA), air-gapped backups, Endpoint/Managed Detection and Response (EDR/MDR) technologies and solutions, and most recently, immutable backups, are now being mandated to protect healthcare systems. Join us to learn about evaluating options when developing a security strategy and a planning to implement solutions that proactively protect data and comply with requirements. We will share the organization’s experience creating a strong security stance while preserving budgets and avoiding IT burnout.

Tuesday May 17 at 1:45 pm
1065 – Do You See What We See? What to Watch Out for When Navigating the Journey of Expanse
Presenters: Cody Adams, Josh Robinson, Ken Brasch, Tammy Goldsmith, Latisha Wright, and Zia Shams
Organizations: Willis Knighton Health System, Shreveport, Louisiana; CloudWave; The Shams Group

Being aware of potential challenges when implementing MEDITECH Expanse will help organizations avoid them and smooth the transition process. We will discuss Willis Knighton Health System’s (WKHS) experience with EHR build, financial and clinical conversion, hosting solutions vs. data center, education, resources, and more. Beyond the general roadmap or checklist, it’s essential to look at the detailed steps involved in the EHR implementation process. WKHS will share what it took to implement their solution to help you identify the questions your organization will face and will offer advice on creating your project plan to get ahead of challenges. Join us to hear lessons learned, understand best practices, anticipate issues, and build a comprehensive project plan for your MEDITECH Expanse implementation. The session will review technical and application considerations and will provide a framework to identify areas that may require attention in order to build a strong foundation for your new implementation or upgrade and achieve your project goals.