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Vital Images and CloudWave Partner to Bring Secure Cloud-Based Enterprise Imaging Solutions to Healthcare Delivery Organizations

July 27, 2021

Vital Images and CloudWave Partner to Bring Secure Cloud-Based Enterprise Imaging Solutions to Healthcare Delivery Organizations

Vital and CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud Deliver Industry-Leading Enterprise Imaging as a Secure Service to Healthcare Organizations

CloudWave, a cloud and managed services provider for healthcare, and Vital Images, Inc., a Canon Group Company, the healthcare industry’s leader in enterprise imaging solutions, announced their partnership in providing secure, cloud-based enterprise imaging solutions to healthcare.

CloudWave enables hospitals and healthcare organizations to migrate critical IT services like medical imaging to secure, performant, highly available multi-cloud public, hybrid, private platforms.  CloudWave’s OpSus Healthcare Cloud powers both legacy healthcare applications and native SaaS applications with seamless fully managed platforms that utilize Edge Cloud, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud resources.

Vital offers an array of enterprise imaging solutions built to unlock, view, analyze, and share information across applications and departments.  Vital’s Vitrea Enterprise Imaging solution focuses on interoperability, making data accessible across the entire enterprise anytime, anywhere, and in any standardized form.

Together, CloudWave and Vital will deliver Enterprise Imaging as a cloud-based service, featuring options for fully-hosted, multi-cloud, and local cloud edge deployments, with systems management, replication, disaster recovery and data protection solutions delivered from the OpSus Healthcare Cloud.

Mark Middleton, Vice President of Cloud Services at CloudWave comments, “Our vision for CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud has always been focused on providing solutions that hospitals need to deliver the best care possible to their communities.  Working with Vital Images, we are solving for the imaging challenges faced by healthcare organizations today by offering interoperability, reduced complexity, and reliable systems performance.  The Vital Enterprise Imaging service gives hospitals control over their imaging platform, with operations and management delivered from the cloud to meet stringent service level agreements.”

“Diagnostic real-time patient centric applications such as imaging services are much different than the traditional applications in the cloud,” says Larry Sitka, VP and CSIO at Vital. “Latency of 30ms matters to the physicians that use our applications” Sitka explains that these highly skilled and trained physicians are able to capture an image in their brain that exemplifies an anomaly of some sort – anomaly detection. If latency or a frame skip occurs, these physicians are unable to create clear 3D images to detect anomalies. “Together, with CloudWave, we have identified these sync challenges and have solved this problem as healthcare organizations go to the cloud and enable their physicians,” continues Sitka.

“Partnering with CloudWave meant added security and expertise, but most importantly, a cloud solution that comes with real people. Not only are they able to monitor the solution, but they also have the capacity to fix workflow issues, altogether resulting in better patient care and a better physician experience,” says Sitka.

“We built our OpSus Cloud Services to be the healthcare cloud delivered by healthcare people,” says Jim Fitzgerald, Chief Strategy Officer and CloudWave founder. “Vital’s leading enterprise imaging solution, combined with CloudWave’s expert federation and delivery, will provide the cost-effective tool hospitals need to store, analyze, and share medical images.”




About Vital Images

Vital Images, Inc., a Canon Group company, has a 30-year history in healthcare imaging innovation. The company helps healthcare organizations and imaging centers to achieve their interoperability goals by transforming their current disparate PACS into efficient, elegant enterprise imaging (EI) systems. The Vital EI solution employs cutting-edge technologies and aligns with industry standards as defined by the Healthcare Information Management System Society (HIMSS) and the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM). As the premier provider of vendor-neutral EI platforms, Vital offers modular and scalable enterprise informatics, enterprise visualization and enterprise analytics solutions. These solutions help organizations optimize resources across multiple facilities and make data accessible across the enterprise, anytime, anywhere. They also support healthcare organizations in delivering exceptional patient care and enabling patients to be active participants in their own care. For more information, visit www.vitalimages.com, or join the conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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