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Welcome to the October 2022 edition of CloudWave Connections

November 17, 2022

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of CloudWave Connections

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of CloudWave Connections.

We’ve created this newsletter for our customers to communicate what’s new, let you know about upcoming events, share customer stories, and introduce you to members of our team.

We hope you find this newsletter informative and something that you look forward to receiving. If you have suggestions for topics, or have questions about something that’s been featured here, please let us know.

A Note From Tim Quigley

The end of September was a busy time here at CloudWave. It was fantastic to see many of you at MEDITECH Live and the keynote speech from Dr. Michael Cuffe of HCA was fascinating and compelling. I hope you saw it.

The very next week, I headed to the United Kingdom to meet with CloudWave customers and attend the MEDITECH Users Network (MUN) Conference in Liverpool. A huge shout-out to Matthew Cooper and the team at Liverpool Women’s NHS Trust for their work organizing the conference. It is amazing that they did that on top of their day jobs. Matt told me his kids worked on Badge assembly which I first took as a joke, but he was dead-serious.



It is always interesting to me the similarities and differences between hospitals and healthcare systems in different countries. The hospitals organizing their own conferences is a great example of that. One CIO that I spoke to in Liverpool stressed the importance of the waitlist functionality for National Health Service (NHS). This is not functionality that we use in the United States.

The breakdown does seem to be along clinical versus administrative/payment structures. The needs in the clinical systems are fairly universal. Physician impatience with computer systems seems to be the same regardless if you are in the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, or Qatar. I can say I have had the same discussion in all those countries. With administrative systems, each country is truly unique and while we don’t utilize the waitlist function in the US, CIOs outside the US are amazed at the cost and complexity of your revenue cycle systems.

The following week, I went to Ireland and met with most of the private hospitals in the Republic including the Galway Clinic which utilized Expanse to become the first EMRAM Level 6 hospital in Ireland. All in, it was a fantastic and exhausting trip and I look forward to returning next year.

If you are interested in books on comparative health systems, I highly recommend T.R. Reid’s The Healing of America. Reid travels to different countries to see how they would treat the shoulder he injured in Viet Nam. It’s a compelling story.

Hope you all have a great fall. Please be sure to follow CloudWave on LinkedIn. We have big announcements coming this fall. We’ll include them in the newsletter, but you’ll get them first on LinkedIn.



Tim Quigley is Chief Client Officer of CloudWave

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MUN22 Conference in UK

CloudWave travelled to Liverpool in September to attend the first in-person MUN Conference since 2019.

Mike Donahue presented New Approaches to Security Challenges, CloudWave sponsored the Drinks and Canapé reception and the team was able to gather with customers both old and new. We are already looking forward to next year!


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CloudWave Ranks 53rd

Named as one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare 2022, CloudWave was ranked #53 in the Vendor/Supplier category last month.

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CHIME 22 Fall Forum

Erik Littlejohn will be attending the 2022 Fall Forum in San Antonio on November 7 through the 10. 

Feel free to reach out to Erik and say hello!

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October Customer Success News!

CloudWave would like to congratulate the following customers for their Go Lives and successful Disaster Recovery tests in the month of September!

Go Lives

  • Coffeyville Regional Medical Center
  • Franciscan Hospital for Children

DR Tests

  • Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital
  • Saint Anthony Regional Hospital
  • United Medical Center
  • St Claire HealthCare

Coming Soon!

OpSus CloudCare+

Last year, 34% of providers who were breached were infiltrated via an unpatched vulnerability and were aware of the risk but didn’t patch in time.
We’ve been working on a new service offering which expands this capability to the systems at your hospital – a solution we’re calling CloudCare+
Be sure to keep an eye out for updates regarding CloudCare+ in the coming months.

OpSus Recover is now available on AWS Marketplace

CloudWave’s OpSus Recover is now available on AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace is an electronic list of offerings from independent software and professional services vendors that makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Meet Christine Mellyn

Vice President of Marketing

Many CloudWave employees have spent their careers in healthcare IT.

As the Vice President of Marketing, Christine Mellyn has been making CloudWave look good for over a decade. She has also seen firsthand how the healthcare IT industry has slowly transitioned from paper to technology over the course of her 30-year career.

A business major, Christine worked her way through college in the late1980s as a Unit Transcriber at Norwood Hospital in Massachusetts where her mother worked at the time.

“Everything was written on paper, with carbonless forms for things like doctor’s orders. I was a float and worked on every unit in the hospital at one time or another,” she explained. “I would have to decipher the physician’s handwriting (a skill I got particularly good at) and communicate and document each order for the various caregivers and departments (pharmacy, nursing, PT, etc.) and order tests (lab, radiology, etc.) using paper, the phone, and ‘sneakernet’. I wish we counted steps back then,” she laughed.

When the hospital implemented MEDITECH, Christine remembers they were still heavily reliant on paper documentation.

“I took a break from my business career in the early nineties when my daughters were very young and I returned to Norwood per diem to the same job, but to a whole different world. Everything was computerized, and paper was secondary.”

To begin her career, Christine joined Children’s Medical Ventures, a small medical device startup that made innovative products for premature infants based on designs submitted by parents.

“I got a chance to do everything from customer service, inbound sales, trade shows, and marketing.”

Christine’s later joined BIS Strategic Decisions, a UK-based company that provided research and advisory services for various technology areas. Ultimately purchased by Gideon Gartner (of the Gartner Group), Christine managed the Knowledge Center, a team of front-line research analysts that fielded calls from service subscribers, in addition to maintaining the internal library of resources and research tools.

In 2007 Christine became a Product Manager at JJWild where she productized their technical consulting services. Staying through the acquisition by Perot, and eventually Dell, she managed the core technologies for MEDITECH. Working closely with the internal team, the MEDITECH Development team and technology vendors throughout the testing and certification process, Christine also helped bring MSite to the market.

“Working at JJWild was exciting to me because I was able to bring together my knowledge of healthcare and technology,” she said.

In 2011, a core group left Dell’s MEDITECH Solutions Group to develop a new set of cloud offerings specifically for MEDITECH. In 2012, Christine joined what was then Park Place International, where she fused together her experience in business, healthcare, and technology to focus solely on marketing these new cloud offerings.

CloudWave debuted at HIMSS 2016 with a brand-new booth, signage, and collateral after Christine shepherded the company through a re-branding effort which included a new website.

“It was a momentous task that really brought the team together and solidified our commitment to cloud,” she explained. “I love seeing how our team has executed on the vision to become the best cloud provider in healthcare and am grateful for all of the relationships I’ve built along the way.”


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