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Who Ya Gonna Call?   

September 30, 2021

Who Ya Gonna Call?   

There is nothing worse than having an issue, or a question and not knowing who to call or how to get it resolved.

At CloudWave, we never want that to be our customer’s experience.  The Customer Success Management team was designed and developed to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Each member of our team has deep experience working in a hospital environment. We understand hospital operations and the sense of urgency with delivery and service that goes along with working in healthcare.

Once an implementation or migration is completed, the customer goes through the standard operation of transitioning to support.  We then assign a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to the Live account.  The CSM is the point of contact with the customer to help navigate, escalate, educate, and help with strategic planning needs of the customer. Routine calls are set up and through these meetings we build relationships with our customers, their teams, and assist in any way we can.

Over the past three years it has been our privilege to serve dozens of customers and be the team they can count on to help when things unexpectedly occur. We look forward to continuing our relationships, building new ones, and providing an exceptional customer experience.


Alana is the Director of Customer Success Management at CloudWave.  Alana can be reached at ahiggins@gocloudwave.com